S.C METROM SA is the sole manufacturer of copper and brass sheets and strips and also is a military manufacturer of ammunition components (cups/cartridge case cups / bullet cups for small ammunition, discs for artillery ammunition )


For roofing and also for decorative uses.
Besides the offered models, different other variants can be made at request.

Due to aesthetically shape and color copper profiled sheets look like classical tile
offering the image of a nice looking roof.
Resistance to ageing and harsh climatic conditions.
Easy and fast to put up by rebating.

Copper : Cu 99.9 – soft temper

           Profiled sheets

Roof Ridge (Model No. 6)
Drawing no. 62558
g = 0.5 mm
cover up lenght = 560 mm
weight ≈ 1.350 kg

Copper Plain Tile (Model No. 7)
Drawing no 62601
g = 0.5 mm
Lenght before bending L = 500 mm
Width before bending l = 217 mm
Weight G ≈ 0.3768 kg

The copper profiled sheets are delivered in cardboxe boxes.
The number of sheets in a box depends on size.