S.C METROM SA is the sole manufacturer of copper and brass sheets and strips and also is a military manufacturer of ammunition components (cups/cartridge case cups / bullet cups for small ammunition, discs for artillery ammunition )


Plant activities are included in the military goods, namely, research, design, manufacture and marketing and selling of the cartridge case / bullet cups for infantry ammunition (small ammunition)

NATO caliber:
5,56 x 45 mm
7,62 x 51 mm
9 mm Parabellum

In different variants and EST"caliber ":
cartridge case cup 7.65 mm ;
bullet cup 7.65 mm
cartridge case cup 23 mm

Also S.C. METROM SA can produce copper alloy cups NC2600 , ASTM B19 / copper alloy C22000 , ASTM B36:
cartridge case / bullet cups cup 12.7 mm ;
cartridge case cup 20 mm