S.C METROM SA is the sole manufacturer of copper and brass sheets and strips and also is a military manufacturer of ammunition components (cups/cartridge case cups / bullet cups for small ammunition, discs for artillery ammunition )

 Tradition and Trust
A short history of the company!

1923 - A Romanian - Austrian Company, named Farola was founded for manufacturing copper wire, copper plates and cables for railway engines.

1935 - The first Romanian metallurgical company Metrom came into being.

1938 - The serial production for copper and copper alloys sheets, strips, bars, profiles and deep drawing tubes starts up.

1946 - Copper and copper alloys pipes production was developed.

1948 - The companies Farola and Metrom merged together under the name of Metrom.

1953 – 1984 - Inserted industrial goods and consumer products.

Dupa 1990 - The company got specialized on heavy non ferrous metal shhets and strips and military prodicts .

2013 – Invests in technologies and equipment for blank monetary coins production .

2005 – Quarto degrosisor laminar modernization..

People make the image

Our research workers, engineers and technicians work to find out the demands of the traditional clients and future clients needs from domestic and foreign markets. These studies turns into theoretical solutions which becomes applications in a modern and flexible production.Free enterprise and necessary resources are provided to design and manufacture the new and competitive products.
Combining the long time experience with modern marketing, research, design and manufacturing technics we can scan the future with optimism.The whole staff work as a team being attracted by the philosophy of organisation and development of the company sharing both satisfaction and responsibility. The result is obviously the increase of creativity.

The organizational structure

ROF (Rules of Order and Operation) - can be found at the company
Organizational Chart – press here
Members of the General Meeting of Shareholders : Mrs. Pielmus Georgeta
Board members : Balea Anisoara , Anghel Paul Silviu , Pana Pompiliu